• Did you miss one of the Bellefonte Little League five Registration Dates and three evaluations dates?
    You must hurry time is running out.
    Contact the league via email (registration@bellefontelittleleague.org) ASAP to register your child for the 2019 season. This is ONLY for children Little League age 4-11. The League can no longer accept ANY little League age kids Little League age 12 due to evaluation and Major league qualifications.
    Teams are being assembled and the league will have to stop registration soon!
    Registration fee:
    - 4 year old TBall Clinic Registration fee $0 at Registration
    -TBall (5-6 years old) Registration fee $40
    -PeeWee (6-8) Registration fee $40
    - Minor League (8-11) Registration fee $50
    -MajorLeague (9-12) Registration fee $50
    -50/70 Intermediate (13 year old) Registration fee $50

    What if we can not afford the registration fee? Bellefonte Little League makes a great effort to NEVER turn away any child that wishes to play little league baseball. We take these cases one family at a time, working with the families that have the need for help. If you have any concerns or questions about registration fees, please don't hesitate to contact the league or one of the league officials during the registration dates. It is our belief that ALL children should experience the tradition that is Bellefonte Little League. 


    What do I need for registration? 

    You will need to bring

    1. Cash or a check to pay the registration fee.

    2. Birth certificate of all the children you are registering to play ball.

    3. Official/Certified school enrollment record dated prior to October 1, 2018, from Benner or Bellefonte Elementary, Bellefonte Middle School, Centre County Christian Academy, St. John Catholic School or any other school within the league's boundary. See the league's boundary map 


    What do I need if my Child does not attend a school within the league's boundary but we live within the league? You will need to supply proof of residency Follow the link for information of what type of paperwork is acceptable. 

     4. Insurance information that covers the players you are registering.
    Any questions please feel free to contact the league via email registration@bellefontelittleleague.org
    *Note the league will be taking late registrations for the 2019 season at the evaluations. Feb 16th will be the last possible date for registration of 9-12 year olds that wish to be considered for the Majors. Please have your registration fee, a copy of your birth certificate and school form ready. All players must be registered before the scheduled time above for evaluation to be considered for the major league draft. The League will accept registrations after Feb 9th for any 4-11 year olds.