• Ideas of the types of things a coach can do, for differant levels, during practices. 
    Feel free to be creative and to use things that you or other coaches have had success with in the past.
    General Thoughts
    1. Use stations during practice – Practices work best when kids are kept moving and engaged – to minimize standing around time, one idea that has worked fairly well in the past is to split the kids up into 3 or 4 groups during practice time
      1. Have those groups rotate through various stations where a coach or two can work on a specific drill/skill(s) with them – see some suggested drills below
      2. Stations can include the basics – throwing, fielding and hitting – also can occasionally mix in baserunning, sliding, etc.
      3. If you have 3 or 4 stations and spend 10-15 min at each, that’s a great 45 minute practice!
      4. You can also bring the team together for a drill or two – see suggested group drills below
      5. Please try to avoid having one kid hitting and the rest of the team standing around in the field waiting for him/her to hit it – this gets old fast for kids and coaches alike
    1. Assistant coaches are key! Being able to conduct these sorts of drills (and to keep things moving generally) is one of the reasons that we suggest “the more the better” in terms of assistant coaches – ideally you would have at least 4 coaches (including yourself) helping at each practice/game