MT Bank
     M&T Bank
    Replacing Keckler Motors in 1959. Originally known as the First National Bank of Bellefonte this sponsor won 2 league championships 1960,1962.
    Teams under Mid-State Bank (1965) won 10 league championships 1966,1967,1969,1970,1978,1982,1983,1984,1988,1992.

    As M&T(2001) bank they captured the league championship in 2014 for a total of 13 league championships.

    M&T Bank has been the sponsor's name since 2001
    Since the 1973 "The Bank's" Manager Al Thal has been a staple for the Bellefonte Little League. In 2009, Al stepped down as manager of the "Bank." for a few years, he volunteered as a coach for M&T and also served the league as its safety officer. In 2014 Al returned as a Co-Manager with the bank.
     Co-Managers:  Larry Horner, Al Thal


    William Hoover 12
    Connor Heeman 11
    Alten Howell 11
    Bruce Jennings 11
    Finn Kelleher 11
    Thomas Novitsky 11
    Harrison Hoover 10
    Hudson Manning 10
    Lucah Sproveri 10
    Tate Strohm 10
    Elliott Brezler 9
    Braxton McClelland 9