MT Bank
     M&T Bank
    Replacing Keckler Motors in 1959. Originally known as the First National Bank of Bellefonte this sponsor won 2 league championships 1960,1962.
    Teams under Mid-State Bank (1965) won 10 league championships 1966,1967,1969,1970,1978,1982,1983,1984,1988,1992.

    As M&T(2001) bank they captured the league championship in 2014 for a total of 13 league championships.

    M&T Bank has been the sponsor's name since 2001
    Since the 1973 "The Bank's" Manager Al Thal has been a staple for the Bellefonte Little League. In 2009, Al stepped down as manager of the "Bank." for a few years, he volunteered as a coach for M&T and also served the league as its safety officer. In 2014 Al returned as a Co-Manager with the bank.
     Co-Managers:  Larry Horner, Al Thal


    Triston Heeman 12
    Ashten Howell 12
    Cason Murray 12
    Quinn Park 12
    William Hoover 11
    Connor Heeman 10
    Alton Howell 10
    Bruce Jennings 10
    Harrison Hoover 9
    Hudson Manning 9
    Lily Park 9
    Lucah Sproveri 9