1960 - 1969

1960 First National Bank of Bellefonte won the league championship

1961 a new fence was installed at the field.
Decker Motors won their third league championship.

1962 The League expanded with two new major league teams. Brining the league to six teams. The two new sponsors were the Lions Club of Milesburg and the Plumbs Drug Store.

Construction of Penn Street was finished.

First National Bank of Bellefonte won the league championship

1963 Milesburg Lions won the league championship.

1964 Field one was dedicated in honor of Frank Webster the League's first President and founder.

Decker Motors won their fourth league championship.

1965 The First National Bank of Bellefonte sponsor changed to Mid-State Bank

Plumbs Drug Store won the league championship

1966 Mid-State Bank (formally the First National Bank of Bellefonte) won the league championship

1967 Bellefonte Motor Sales changed to Krout Pontiack International.

Mid-State Bank won their second league championship and the leagues third team to win back to back championships.

1968 Milesburg Lions won their second league championship.
1969 The league discussed to have webster field resod and installing a grass infield.
The League's 11 and 12 All Star team capture's the District 10 championship.

Mid-State Bank won their third league championship