2010 - 2019

2011 Field one's original fencing structure was removed and replaced with new supports and a chain link fence. The playing area of the field was also increased to measure around 190 feet down the foul lines and 200 feet in center field.
2011 The League's 11&12 All-Star Team won the District 5 Championship the leagues 7th overall.
2011 The League's first year fielding a 10&11-year-old All-Star Team. This group of 10&11-year-olds won the District 5 Championship.

2011 The league, led by volunteers, resurfaced the infield of field 2.
2012 The Undines Fire Company's Team came in 3rd place out of 24 teams in the first annual Center County Interleague Tournament.
2012 The League's 11&12 All-Star Team won the District 5 Championship the leagues 8th overall. 
2013 Field two added running water to the press box for field use. Old bleachers on field one 3rd base side replaced.
2013 Marks the 65th season of Bellefonte Little League. Players from 1949 were in attendance and threw out the first pitch during Opening Day ceremonies. 1949 players in attendance: WALTER BANEY,WHITEY NOLL, TOM MENSCH, WARD COLE, HASA MCMULLIN, JOE KUSTENBAUTER, BOB SCHREFFLER, JOHNNY TAYLOR, DAVID HAMPTON, JOHN SAYLOR, CHUCK BROWN, FRANK WEBSTER, TIP YOUNG, CARROLE DIXON, AND COUPLE OTHERS... Frank Webster Jr, Son of Frank Webster the first president of the Bellefonte Little League, tossed out the first pitch of the season, with the baseball that started the first season in 1949.
2013 Allen Thal was presented a signed baseball marking his 40th season volunteering at Bellefonte Little League.
2013 Saw the Undines Fire Company's Team win the second annual Center County Interleague Tournament. M&T bank came in 4th out of 26 teams.
2013 In the fall volunteers added concrete barriers around field one. This created a safe walking area just outside the right-field fence and the parking/roadway area, at the same time helps protect the fence and playing field from rocks and fill from the parking area.  Volunteers also place concrete barriers on the hill between field one and two to help prevent erosion that was taking place and enlarge a safe walking/viewing area.
2014 The League's 11&12 All-Star Team won the District 5 Championship the league's 9th overall.
2014 The League's 10&11 All-Star Team won the District 5 Championship the league's 2nd for this age group.
2016 The League constructed a storage building attached to the old bathrooms. Thanks to students from CPI for the construction.
2016 The league fixed field 2 infield. raised the mound on both fields
2016 The league sign a least for Donovan Fields at Spring township. Old dugouts and press box were removed. The fence around field one was replaced along with some along field 2. Dugouts on field one were constructed thanks to the Eagle Scouts. To make way for the first year of play for our 13-year-old 50/70 division. 
2016 The Plumb's Drugstore team came in 2nd place in the Centre County tournament. 
2016 The League's 8-10 All-Star Team won the District 5 Championship the league's 1st district title for this age group. The team also remain undefeated as they played in section 4 beating Indiana, then Redland twice to capture the age group's first Section 4 championship. In the section 4 championship game, Bellefonte was the home team as the game came down to the 6th inning tied at 7 with Redland. With the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the 6th Grayson Alterio ends the game with a walk-off grand slam sending the 9&10s to their first State tournament. This was the first appearance in the State tournament for a Bellefonte team since 1988. First State game hosted by Bradford, Bellefonte defeated Clarion 9-4. In the second game, Bellefonte lost to Lehigh 9-4. The third game Bellefonte played Back Mountain came out with an 8-0 victory. Facing Keystone in the 5th game Bellefonte advanced in the double-elimination tournament beating Keystone 4-1. Bellefonte Faced Lehigh again in the semi-finals but their season came to an end with a 3-2 loss. Placing Bellefonte 3rd in the state.
2016 The League's first year fielding a 13 year old 50/70 All Star Team. Since no other league fielded a 13-year-old team in the district or section, this group of 13-year-olds played in the State Championship Tournament as the Section 4 and District 5 rep. They defeated Warwick in first round play but lost to Keystone (the state champion) 12 to 10 and then to Tanney to end Bellefonte's season.
2017 Bellefonte 11&12s captured the District 5 championship with an 11-1 win over State College. This is the League's 10th district championship for the 12-year-old age group. 
2017 Bellefonte 11s capture the District 5 championship with a 7th inning walk off 2 run home run by Grayson Alterio to beat State College 6-4 winning Bellefonte the District 5 championship for the 3rd time in this age group. 
2017 Bellefonte Little League hosted the 2017 11u Sectional tournament. Bellefonte represented District 5, Hampden represented District 6, and Huntingdon as the District 11 team. Bellefonte 11u won the League's 1st Section Title as they beat Hampden Little league 12-8, and then capturing the title with a win over Huntingdon Little League 10-7. Bellefonte represented the League In the State Tournament hosted by Lehigh Little League on July 28th. Bellefonte 11u All-Star Team Lost to Back Mountain National in the opening round of the State tournament. County Line Norwin put an end to the Bellefonte's 11u season in the elimination round of the State Championship.
2018 Two sponsors donated the funds to purchase and replace the scoreboards on field one and two. The scoreboards, each featuring pitch counts, were installed thanks to Wal-Mart and a second sponsor that wished to remain anonymous.
2018 Lights installed on field 2. for the first time in 70 seasons Bellefonte Little League will play regular-season games under the lights. Many thanks for a ton of hard work from some of our board members researching and comparing companies, products, and most importantly figuring out how to purchase and install a lighting system with a net $0 impact to the league's budget or current fundraising and registration fees.

The league has purchased the lighting system from Musco, the official lighting company of Little League International. Musco’s lights currently light up Beaver Stadium and Medlar Field the home of the State College Spikes as well as the little league fields in Williamsport and soon the new Roger's Stadium. We purchased the top of the line LED system that only needs 4 light post to light the entire field at a minimal cost to use. Most importantly, the lights will have very little, if any light spillage (pollution) to our neighbours. 

2018 Thursday the 5 of April An early unscheduled night game occurred for the league's first official use of the lights. The Plumbs Drug Store and M&T Bank went extra innings to finish. The Plumbs Drug Store team came out with a 15-14 win in the 7th inning to start their season.

2018 Bellefonte 11&12s captured the District 5 championship with an 9-2 win over State College. This is the League's 11th district championship for the 12-year-old age group. This group of players have won collectively, 4-District 5 titles and 2-Section 4 titles in 4 years. 

2018 The frist week in August Field 2 outfield fence was replaced, adding 2 bullpens just outside both dugouts. 

2019 Supelco team sponsor was moved to the Minor League system. Brining the Major League Division to 5 teams.

The Plumb's Drug Store team won the Major league championship over the Lions Club. This is the 10th League championship for the Plumbs and their frist since 2002.

2019 Bellefonte 9&10s captured the District 5 championship with an 10-5 victory over State College. This is the leauge's 2nd District 5 championship for the 9&10 year olds and 14th combinded for all age groups.

2019 July Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. completed the site of field 3 hauling leveling off additional topsoil. Greene's Landscaping removed rocks and seeded the 2 acer site in August.