Covid-19 protocols

The Board of Directors did vote to hold our 2020 season. There was much to discuss, and as a result there is much to share with all of you. Download the file below. I thank you in advance for reading through all of it.

Our Coivid-19 protocols and rules for the safety of everyone. As you can imagine, this subject was the bulk of our meeting last night. With our safety officer Mike Benner leading the charge we went through the CDC guidelines, the Little League International recommendations, the Pennsylvania guidelines for the Green phase, and even looked at what other states like Ohio are doing to keep folks safe. What we built is a set of guidelines that essentially mirrors the recommendations of Little League International. Some of the protocols we have instituted will no doubt be cumbersome to implement, and difficult to get through. In fact, as I write this, I can already hear folks mumbling their opinions. Please understand that we are a chartered member of the parent organization called Little League International, and as such we must try and adhere as best we can to their recommendations. There will be things you like, and some you do not. I only ask that you understand that we can abide by and follow these protocols/rules, or we can cancel the season altogether. It is that simple. Please read through these rules/protocols with your player(s) as we will expect them to have some level of understanding depending on level.

In addition every player must submit a signed waiver to play this season. These will be sent out by managers or team parents, and they must be turned into the league as soon as possible for players to be eligible to play this season. Currently the waiver is being reviewed and will be available ASAP.

Bellefonte Little League Covid-19 protocols and rules (PDF) Download


Bellefonte Little League Covid-19 Waiver (PDF) Download