Bellefonte Sports Academy at the Rink

The league will hold our evaluations and skills camp at the Bellefonte Sports Academy. Rich Rogers, Scott Smith, and the Bellefonte Sports Academy stepped up and donated his space. The league would like to thank Bellefonte Sports Academy Scott and Rich for the generous donation and accommodation for our league and the area little league players.

Bellefonte Sports Academy at the Rink is located at

259 Hecla Road
Mingoville, PA 16856

Covid 19 Waiver PDF

Please note the following information about the Rink and their covid guidelines. 

With the ever-changing environment, we are facing with COVID and the seemingly daily move of the needle concerning quarantine or the new isolation, I wanted to send a message to be sure each league communicates the proper message to its families. 

If a player is quarantined or isolated from school they are also quarantined from the Rink. 

I cannot follow the ever-changing rules. I also will not interject my non-medical degree info into the discussion.

I’m trying to stay consistent and as equal as I can be while trying to do my best not to be a super spreading facility.

Please share the important info above with all of your families and league personnel.

Thank you.