• The Bellefonte Little League provides helmets, catchers gear, bats and balls for all games and practices. Parents should purchase a glove for the need of the player depending on the division they are playing in. The League and Little League International also suggest to purchase an athletic supporter and protective athletic cup for males. A Pelvic protector can be purchase for our young ladies playing the sport especially if they are going to learn to be a catcher.

    Players are not required to wear cleats however most players will see improved traction when using cleats. Metal cleats are NOT allowed in any division of the Bellefonte Little League.
    The Bellefonte Little League provides uniforms for all division. The uniform includes a Hat and a Jersey (for the major league socks are supplied). Parents must purchase white baseball pants, and may purchase baseball socks. 

    Parents may purchase bats to use but all bats used during a Little League game must meet the requirements of the Little League rule book.
    Parents may purchase a bating helmet to use but a full face mask must also be purchase and attach to the helmet before it may be used in any Bellefonte Little League activity.